Is Teeth Whitening Good for Your Teeth?

We all want a white brighter smile. But this begs the question “does teeth whitening damage the enamel?”

The answer is no. While there may sometimes be side effects, whitening treatment is safe on tooth enamel. 

The process of tooth whitening is essentially the tooth will become dehydrated, meaning dried out. The active ingredient in the whitening product will go through the enamel and into the second layer of the tooth called the dentin. The product begins working to reverse staining or discoloration, essentially bleaching that second layer. After the treatment, the tooth then rehydrates naturally from our saliva. It’s important to remember when using whitening treatments to avoid stain-enhancing foods/drinks while the tooth is re-hydrating. 

This process does not damage the tooth layers or integrity of the tooth, but can sometimes lead to temporary tooth sensitivity. 

Is Temporary Sensitivity Normal?

Some people develop temporary sensitivity in the gums or teeth when using whitening products. That’s not a sign of long-term damage, but it can be uncomfortable. If it happens to you, consider taking a break from bleaching or switching to a milder product. Again, talk to your dentist for the right advice.

If you are interested in which whitening option is best for you, have questions about your current whitening regimen, or need to find out if your teeth are healthy to start a whitening regimen; call our office at 562- 923-7799 or book an appointment on this website. 

We would love to help you achieve a smile you love! 

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