General Dentistry

General dentistry is uniquely oriented toward the prevention of disease. By placing a strong emphasis on oral health and hygiene, Dr. Soto The Downey Dentist helps patients avoid the progression of oral diseases.

At a routine visit, you will receive a thorough examination of your mouth (including teeth, gums, and other structures), a professional cleaning, and a discussion about your dental (and overall) health.

Dr. Soto provides a wide array of services that are vital to your continued health, including:

Preventive services — These help you maintain good oral health by stopping disease before it takes hold in your mouth. Regular exams (including diagnostic images such as x-rays) and professional teeth cleanings are a cornerstone of prevention.

Restorative Services — If a problem is found, Dr. Soto will offer timely and appropriate treatment such as: removing tooth decay and placing a filling in the affected tooth, treating missing teeth, placinf crowns or bridgework, help you get fitted with dentures or implants. Some provide more advanced treatments, such as root canal therapy, orthodontics, and dental implants, as well.

Cosmetic Procedures — To help you get the sparkling smile you’ve always wanted with a range of cosmetic procedures are available such as teeth whitening, dental  bonding, even porcelail veneers.

Overall Health Concerns — In many respects, your oral health can be seen as a mirror of your general health. Some dental problems may reflect issues in other parts of your body, and vice versa. Dr. Soto is trained to identify these and other issues, and offer appropriate treatment or referral when needed.

Dr. Soto The Downey Dentist also offers oral pathologist, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontist, and prosthodontist.


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