My name is Jessica and my career in the dental world started over 27 years ago. I first worked in a small office marketing and educating kids in schools and events about the importance of dental hygiene and maintenance. I worked full time to 7 days a week growing from marketing assistant to Orthodontic manager in 3 months, meanwhile going to college during the evenings.

I eventually graduated from the University of Phoenix with my BS in Business Management. I have developed successful business practices and training in the dental industry, surpassed benchmarks by 50% of initial goals, and increased employee retention.

Leadership, communication, respect, and kindness are some of the strengths I bring to our team here at Dr. Soto The Downey Dentist.

I’ve come a long way from my birth in Ecuador. My entire family including all my aunts, uncles, and grandmother migrated to Los Angeles, CA in 1980. My memories are mostly from the age of 5 years old when I arrived to here in the U.S.

Growing up I was the girl all my friends wanted to cheat off of, I walked around dressing like “Mr. Ferley from Three’s Company” or any century other than my own, and was considered the awkward girl who did not fit in her surroundings. I hung out in Hollywood, loved music, dancing, and concerts.  I still love music and concerts! 



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