Colored Fillings

Image, used to talk about colored fillings, shows graphic of three teeth, each with different colored filling - gold filling, silver filling, white filling for Dr. Soto the Downey Dentist best dentist in downey

Colored Fillings

Fillings are mainly used to repair cracked or broken tooth. Tooth fillings are also used when the cavities are removed to fill the hole in the tooth. There are several types of dental fillings that we can provide; it can be made up of gold, porcelain, or plastic. We can also provide glass ionomer, a filling material that is made up of glass particles. This can be the substitute for resin filling. If one uses gold filings, we will assure you that it will last more than ten years. Tooth filling makes your teeth healthy again to chew or bite any food easily.

We have always been proud of the treatment we have provided to our patients and the longtime relationships which have been built on trust.

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